How to Earn Money on YouTube

YouTube accounts for half of the internet, with 1.9 billion monthly users. Nonetheless, every minute, 500 hours of video are posted to the site.

So you already know that this article isn’t going to be about how easy it is to buy a Swiss watch using ad income generated by your YouTube views. (Though you could certainly rent one if you have millions of video views.) Don’t do it.)

  1. Become a member of the YouTube Partner Program

Regular YouTubers can gain access to unique YouTube features through the YouTube Partner Program.

To make money on YouTube, you don’t need to be a partner (simply setting up an AdSense account and receiving views will enough), but becoming a Partner makes things a lot easier.

Each monetization channel has its own set of eligibility criteria. Consider the following example:

To earn ad money, you must be at least 18 years old and develop content that is appealing to advertisers. Simply put, the less contentious your videos are, the more comfortable YouTube advertisers will be running adverts on them, and the more money you’ll make.
If a YouTube Premium subscriber watches your video, you will receive a percentage of their monthly money. (It’s good that this one is automatic.)
You must be at least 18 years old and have over 30,000 subscribers to offer channel memberships to your subscribers (i.e., your followers opt in to pay you an additional fee).
Merchandise shelf: You must be at least 18 years old and have at least 10,000 followers to sell items through YouTube’s merchandise shelf.
Super Chat payments: You must be at least 18 years old to allow your followers to pay to have their messages highlighted in your live chats during your live streams (and live in a country where the feature is offered).

2. Make and sell your own merchandise

Perhaps you consider yourself a content producer first and an entrepreneur second. (Keep in mind that even Drake has a t-shirt line.)

Alternatively, if you’re a business owner first and a video producer second, you undoubtedly already have a product and are planning your YouTube marketing strategy to promote it.

In any case, selling items on YouTube is a practical method to make money.

3. Create material that is sponsored

To be an influencer, you don’t have to be on Instagram. You don’t have to give YouTube a percentage of your earnings if you use the #sponcon approach. You deal with the brand directly, and they pay you directly. It’s no surprise that YouTubers use it to make money.

Brands are likely to be interested in hearing from you if you have a large and/or engaged following and your material is relevant to their target market.

4. Join the affiliate program as a partner

Look for organizations who invest in affiliate marketing if your YouTube following is loyal and engaged but not quite there in terms of numbers.

Businesses’ YouTubers encourage their viewers to visit the brand’s online store or specific product pages. They get paid a portion of sales made through their affiliate links, as you might have predicted.

Affiliate partnerships are similar to sponsored content deals in terms of setup and logistics, so start by following the procedures from tip #3.

5. Make it possible for your fans to pay you directly

This YouTube money-making plan comprises a few distinct revenue streams, but they all have one thing in common: you must make it simple for your followers to express their gratitude by using their credit card.

6. Make use of crowdsourcing

Soliciting donations via the internet has become widespread. Many YouTubers gain money through crowdfunding, whether it’s to build a steady stream of income from a pool of tiny monthly donations or to fund a personal, channel-related project.

7. Make your content available to the media
When a video becomes viral, every news organization wants a copy so that they can show it to their audience. Established media companies, on the other hand, are well aware that they must pay for what they utilize. And there you have it: another way to earn money on YouTube.

Making sure you’re easy to find as a content creator can help you license your most successful work to the media.



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