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Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash

Graphic design, like any other sector, is constantly changing. Trends come and go, new technology emerge, and designers adapt or perish.

A few graphic design trends have risen to the top in recent years. It’s critical to know which trends are on the rise and which you should avoid if you want to stay ahead of the curve in the field of branding design.

We’ll look at 12 graphic design trends that are likely to take off in 2022 and why they’re so popular in this post.

2022 Graphic Design Trends

Visuals that are inclusive
Fonts with serifs are making a comeback.
Visuals for a specific brand
Geometrically Motivated Designs
Hand-Drawn Elements Authentic Hand-Drawn Elements
Nature and the environment
Data Visualizations That Are Fun
Backgrounds with Neon
Icons and Illustrations in Bright Colors

Typography in Large Sizes